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Logistics Hub.png


Storing finished goods in bulk at a nominated hub.

Primary Replenishment.png


Distributing finished goods from the nominated hub to the regional warehouses.

Secondary Warehousing _and Distribution.png

Secondary Warehousing
and Distribution

Storing finished goods in bulk at the regional warehouses and distributing to Customer DC’s or stores.

Logistics Management.png


Managing the supply chain activities such as model stock, replenishments, facilitating stock counts, warehouse audits and reporting.

Master Data Management.png

Master Data Management

Managing FMCG master data including: retailer structure, store master, order and delivery day schedules.

Accounts Receivable Management.png

Accounts Receivable Management

Administrating and collecting debts from Customers into Principals bank accounts.

IT _ Business Intelligence.png

IT / Business Intelligence

Delivering a complete, real-time and fully integrated ERP solution with business intelligence reports through our partners' Secure Private Cloud.


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